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Admin Meeting Notes Oct 13th

Admin Notes from Tuesday's meeting.

1. Upcoming Events

Oct 17th
Run for the Cure, Dance for the Cure event this weekend.

October 18th
BBQ from 1pm
1000 yen for everyone plus a snack or veggies or bevie to share. There will be extra special beer on BBQ too for purchase.
Ideally have a projector to run some movies on Hackerspaces.
Planning to take pics of members, and others to fill hallway.

The more the merrier so anyone welcome to drop by to chat to people and find out what it's all about.

19th October
Tokyo 2.0 Booth Space

Confirmation on who's going - send mail out to list. Satoka, Lauren, JC, Janos, anyone else?

21st October
Making Minty Booths
Max 10 people so don't forget to sign up!
Cost: 円3500 for THS members, 円4000 for non-members.

24th and 25th October
Design Festa
- post to list when people are going. Let's go as group.

28th October
Movie Nights starting. Check out the calendar for first one!

22nd - 24th November
Ideas for projects to show
- 8 bit console that Rob wants to amke
- electronic whiteboard
- minty booths
- brain machines
- THS Twitter LED

Projects to make
- Origami - Robot blinking lights
- others?

Need to make and test 20 - 30 minute projects to offer pretty soon.

Volunteers needed.

MAKE (and general) Promotion:
Flyers, Business cards, t-shirts, stickers - logo files could be put up on website. Then people can create their own when they need too. eg for T2.0

2. Keyholders please put info on the calendar when you can come. Kyle to check all keyholders have website admin rights. Everyone, please check that all doors, windows are locked when you leave, and don't forget to clean up after yourselves, coffee and all :)

3. new member Miwa thank you!

4. still need about 10,000 for big trash cans

5. Memberships:
Lots of discussion about why people would / wouldn't join. There's lots of interest and people on mailing list however, still need more members. Some thoughts of newer members were:
- People are interested in finding out more but may not be sure about how or what they can do outside of the workshops or how to get involved.
- website is more for people who are already in THS.
- website is a little confusing for people who aren't part of the Hacker Space and too text heavy.

Some ideas to help were:
- pics and graphics are good esp. of events on website
- perhaps creating a 'what is THS' 2 minute video
- clearer information on projects with callouts for people interested in helping. eg. Gardening, tech etc. *Maybe revamp the 'steering groups' we discussed a little while ago
- bigger price difference in workshops, more incentive to join
- clearer articulation about what the community is geared towards.
- Signup for class form on website
- clear link to mailing list
- offering of 6 months memberships as well

6. Meetings:
Cooking and project show n tell, then admin stuff format seems to work well

Tuesday (7:30 PM)
Open House Meeting
水曜日 (7:30 PM)
日本語 Meeting

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