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2009-08-04 Tokyo Hackerspace Meeting Summary

By Unassigned Robot - Posted on 06 August 2009

Here's a quick meeting summary of what we discussed at the last Tokyo Hackerspace meeting. I think JC, Karamoon, and MRE can provide more details since this is just a skeleton outline.

Incidentally, this was the first hackerspace meeting where a majority of people brought notepads, which is both a little scary and shows that there are so many things going on that we're reaching the limits of our brains (or at least mine).

1) Lauren was discussing the status of the THS house. Looks like things are just about closed and we're planning on having a walkthrough/picnic on 8/22. We're also planning on having some exhibitions in September while the space is still empty and well...spacious.

Chris Shannon also mentioned that he was able to obtain a Lucent PBX with 47 phones and VoIP support. With that kind of system, we can just sit around and crank call people across the room.

We need to start looking for furniture, work tables, soldering stations, beer can insulators, dishes, and other equipment because there's going to be a lot to furnish. I also suggested that we should be monitoring Yahoo auctions for a lot of the equipment we'll need. Guess we'll need some money first, tho :(

Also, members that want to use the space will need to start paying dues from September since that's when our rent clock officially starts ticking.

2) JC was talking about event scheduling and workshops. She's planning for two workshops a month and is taking down workshop ideas. An interesting one that she might be teaching is project management. That would be killer for a bunch of hackers since we're not usually the best at managing projects. Only starting them ;)

3) Karamoon mentioned that Hackers on a Plane will be coming to Tokyo. They are traveling hackers that tour different countries and visit other hackerspaces.

4) Karamoon discussed different places for us to take Hackerspace field trips to. There were quite a few that were interesting, but I wasn't taking notes. JC has the complete list.

5) We all agreed that the mailing list is getting out of hand and decided that we should use forums to divide up the different conversations. That way, people that are interested in a conversation can participate and receive emails for it. MRE will be setting up the Simple Machines Forum software and Karamoon will be helping him.

6) Since we were on the topic of forums, we decided that we'll be using different tools for different tasks. Drupal will be used as a blogging platform and general content management. MediaWiki will be used for collaborative documentation, ie: content where many people will be contributing instead of a single author. Simple Machine Forums will be used for discussion and conversations. People will be able to subscribe to the RSS feed from the forum as well.

We'll need to ask Chris to give ftp and MySQL access to one or two users for the THS site so we can get the SMF forums up. Wait...isn't SMF forums redundant?

7) Akiba discussed issues regarding the THS webshop:
- Lauren will be using her bank account for the financial transactions. We haven't yet decided on which service to use for the transactions. We're currently considering Paypal Website Payments Pro vs the traditional method (merchant account + payment gateway). Both enable credit card transactions. Paypal Pro also allows customers to pay via standard Paypal.

- We're going to need to decide on 10 products to start with. If you have suggestions, please submit them. Lauren also wants us to create a survey that we can ask other hackerspaces to fill out to see what people would be interested in from Japan.

- I brought up the point that we can also include member stores. Since we'll be setting up the logistics for shipping as well, we can also offer to handle picking and packing (shipping) for members as an option. This wouldn't happen for a while though since we need to iron out our own logistics.

Well, that's about it. There's actually a lot of things going on simultaneously and it looks like it's going to grow. If anyone is interesting in volunteering to help out on certain tasks, show up to a meeting and let us know. There's a lot of things to do.

Thanks Akiba,
Awesome notes. I've created some forum threads to continue discussions on various points and also added in my own notes...

Workshop Ideas

Outing Ideas

Event Schedule

Webshop Product Ideas go girl!
Thanks for putting things together.

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