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How to make your Hackerspace more beautiful (while staying nerdy)

By Unassigned Robot - Posted on 30 July 2011

Me and MRE were hanging out at the space tonight and decided to make it prettier.

We used the Mac OS X Server motherboard that we had so much fun extracting during the clean-up, a bunch, I mean, a freaking lot of EL Wire and a hot glue gun.

The result is a hellish THS glow-in-the-dark sign!

This is very much a work in progress. The next steps include:

- bitch-slabbing some screens on it to display error message,
- make it creepy glitter, like an old las vegas shady neon sign,
- make some LED randomly blink on it as in old sci-fi movies computers,
- [optional] add Tesla coils on it.

We might in the future use this sign on the door when we host classes at night, in the spirit of Shinjuku.

dooodle. I can haz photoz?

Finally managed to add photoz.

Hey, I can get some random blinking LEDs when we add the microcontroller platform to drive screens. There are pretty good random number generators there, I especially love the ones made with diodes :D

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Very cool art! Did you use the MB power supply or just ran wall power to an inverter?

The EL wire is powered by a wall wart supply, which goes to an EL inverter. This particular inverter is made to power LOTS of EL. We could run a wire around the entire house and still have power to spare. Also, it has a flash rate knob.

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