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THS has a new address!!!

Don't go to Nogizaka!

THS has a new address in Naka-Itabashi!


〒173-0021 Tōkyō-to, Itabashi-ku, Yayoichō, 40−7


  1. From Ikebukuro, take Tobu Tojo local line to Naka-Itabashi station.
  2. Please use the SOUTH exit.
  3. Turn RIGHT at the street in front of the bicycle park.
  4. At ”Boo ちゃん らーめん” turn RIGHT
  5. Now you have a choice!
    1. Follow this street all the way to the river. There is a bridge in front of you. Do NOT pay the troll! ;)  Instead, at the river, turn LEFT. We are the 4th building (the one on the corner)
    2. Follow this street until the 3rd LEFT. Turn here. At the next cross street, turn right. Follow it to the river. We are right on the corner, on the right side.




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Photo Guide:


Kid's Christmas Soldering class first lesson recap

On November 16th, James and I had the joy of hosting the Kid's Christmas Soldering class at Tokyo HackerSpace.
We had four people come in. One father brought his son and daughter, while an adult woman came in seperately.
The son had done some soldering before, and showed interest in electronics. He brougth with him a crystal AM radio which he put together on some perf board. Very cool!
His younger sister had no soldering experience. In fact, she was perhaps 7 or 8 years old.

Kamogawa research trip: August 2011

Here is my picassa photo album:

We started off at the beach. I took a swim in the ocean while Garratt
attempted to catch gravelfish his man made fish trap. Archi got the
shit kicked out of him by a particularly hard wave. The surf was
pretty strong right onto the beach.

Later we met Chris H, went up to his house (which is on the end of a
supremely steep driveway) and set up the tent in his garden. Its a
pretty large space they have, with a good breeze and cool shade all

free Solar Cell-Phone charging station now available at THS

UPDATE: This unit is now on its way to Congo for field testing.

Taylan and I were hanging out at the house, and felt like we needed to get some work done on the solar charger project.

So, I brought down my panel and charge controller, and Chris Shannon's big gell cell battery.

These charge controllers and panels have been sponsored by Global Solar Energy Corp in Tucson, Arizona, USA.

First Solar Lantern video

So I was trolling through data on my phone today while uploading videos for the THS Seismometer and I found this old video of Akiba talking about the LED solar lantern BEFORE it was the Tohoku Lantern!

First video ever!

Turns out it was still in my youtube account, so here it is:

How to make a B.L.T.H.S.

I had a craving.

A craving for a BLT.

But not just ANY old BLT.


First step, gather ingredients.
Obviously, I need bread, tomato, lettuce, and some nice crispy bacon.
Some of these items are easy to quest for. Others not so.

Lets take a look, one by one:
Tomato - I went to the local market for a big juicy tomato
Bread - Again, the local market provided

First GreenHackers meeting

Sorry I don't have any photos. I was not in charge of the camera.

Tokyo HackerSpace's first GreenHackers meeting was Saturday!

As it turns out, it was Ben, Dr.J and I. About half way through, one of Ben's class mates showed up.
She knows a lot about gardening and such. Hopefully she'll be back next month (and perhaps a Tuesday night or two before then?)

Originally we planned on discussing energy usage as well as planning for the future of the group.

But it all started with what was intended to be a one hour back garden work party.


Hi all!
In conjunction with some discussion that Richard, Akiba and I had on Tuesday night, and in preparation for projects like InakaNET and the 10/10 event;

I started playing with the solar panels my brother gave me from his (soon to be quitting) company.

On a cloudy day, sitting on the floor in my apartment near the glass door, I measured about 7 volts output. ver. 1.05

Hi all!

I have been playing around with the site design.
Now, before you go all ballistic, I did *NOT* change anything on the
site, as you have always seen it.

I have been using a powerful new panels tool to play around with site
layout WITHOUT affecting the normal site, until we are ready to switch

So, please take a look at the following link:

This is just a preliminary concept, and I would love to hear any input
you may have.

Even with the new tools, I had to make some compromises in layout

Getting happy at Shaken AND Stirred

Shaken AND stirred was great.
Peter didn't just teach me how to mix the greatest Mojito ever.

Tuesday (7:30 PM)
Open House Meeting
水曜日 (7:30 PM)
日本語 Meeting

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