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Tokyu Hands Video Tour

A vlogger friend of mine and I took a trip down the street to 

Tokyu Hands


and posted a video about it!


How to add to the THS calendar

I'm encouraged to see more people at THS taking the time to set up classes!

The biggest barrier to starting a class is putting it on the site for later promotion. Here's a step-by-step way to do that.





One Project?

My first electronics experience at the Hackerspace was a Mintyboost, but the hardest thing I've done so far has been a "mood lamp." I'm a software engineer and don't know much about how to read schematics, but after seeing some maker videos where people pull scrap from their pile and make something awesome, I thought I could do the same.

Measuring radioactivity in Matsudo

I attended the second DIY geiger counter workshop on August 22. This was taught by Kalin, and involved soldering three parts of a homemade gieger counter:

  1. Freakduino motherboard (right) - this is basically an arduino board with a wireless radio interface. It provides the power to the NetRAD and keeps track of the rate of radioactive events.
  2. NetRAD shield (left) - an interface to power the tube and keep a TCP/IP connection for communication.

How to add to the THS site

There's been a bit of discussion on the Google Groups mailing list about the use of this site. I thought I'd make a quick guide for how to make a blog entry. If you're comfortable with HTML, it's quite easy.

Disassembly and repair I

First in a series. One of the things that attracted me to THS was the chance to fix stuff. In this case, a space heater that mysteriously fried itself.


We joined the Global Hackerspace Cupcake Challenge after receiving invitations from two different members of Durham's Splat Space.

Cupcakes 1

As part of KitchenHacks, I experimented with baking cupcakes for the HackerSpace Cupcake Challenge. This was done on 1/15, before the Hackathon (thank goodness!)

The idea was to give something Japan-related, so I thought I would make "matcha" (green tea) flavored cupcakes.

All we had at the Hackerspace were actual tea leaves, so first I brewed a strong cup.


Tuesday (7:30 PM)
Open House Meeting
水曜日 (7:30 PM)
日本語 Meeting

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