About Tokyo HackerSpace

The Tokyo HackerSpace initiative was created from discussions at TokyoBarCamp 2009. It's a collective made up of programmers, engineers, IT administrators, artists, chefs, musicians, and people interested in geek culture. The goal of the group is to converge technology, arts, crafts, and music. If you are interested then please join the mailing list. Follow us on twitter @TKOHackerSpace Join the Facebook Group and invite others! Join our Google Group. Listen to more about TokyoHackerSpace in the Sept. 2nd Tokyo Metpod (Metropolis Magazine Podcast) here Walking directions and a map to Tokyo HackerSpace! Starting Tokyo Hackerspace - A video interview with Ian and Miwaza about starting the Tokyo Hackerspace.

Our members already include

Green Thumbs, Software engineers, Musicians, Designers, Chefs, Video Editors, Security Experts, Campers, Bicyclists, Anime lovers, Digital Artists, VJ's, DJ's, Photographers, Young People, Parents, Singles, Marrieds, People from around the world, People from Japan, Web Designers, Audio Producers. and many more.

What we do:

learn and share knowledge work on individual or team projects give and attend presentations, workshops social activities including parties Our wiki is available here.



〒173-0021 Tōkyō-to, Itabashi-ku, Yayoichō, 40−7


  1. From Ikebukuro, take Tobu Tojo local line to Naka-Itabashi station.
  2. Please use the SOUTH exit.
  3. Turn RIGHT at the street in front of the bicycle park.
  4. At ”Boo ちゃん らーめん” turn RIGHT
  5. Now you have a choice!
    1. Follow this street all the way to the river. There is a bridge in front of you. Do NOT pay the troll! ;)  Instead, at the river, turn LEFT. We are the 4th building (the one on the corner)
    2. Follow this street until the 3rd LEFT. Turn here. At the next cross street, turn right. Follow it to the river. We are right on the corner, on the right side.




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drop ins to open events 1000 yen
Monthly members 5000 yen / discounts to classes/ member only events/ part of the team
Tri Monthly Members 15000 yen/ Access-Keyholder/ Discounts/ member only events/ Steering committee
Yearly Members 50,000 yen/ two months discount/ Access-keyholder/ member only events/ steering committee

Join by contacting: Lauren Shannon lauren.shannonATgmail.com

Membership checklist:

1: Join the Web Site

2: Notify someone of your Web Site user name
Tell us your user name, so that we can upgrade your account. With the upgraded account, you will be able to post blogs, assist in translations, create new groups, projects and events, and share your photos!
The fastest way to get your account upgraded is to tell us your user name when you..

3: Join the Google Group and introduce yourself!
The google group is where all of the discussion is at. We talk freely and often. Be sure to let us know your TokyoHackerSpace.org user name, so that we can upgrade your account.

4: Come to a tuesday meeting. This is the best way to get to know us. Also, it is how you can arrange for a key, as well as prepare your monthly dues. Meetings are every tuesday from 7:30. If you cant make it out, check the calendar: we have plenty of events each month you can attend and get a membership discount.


What's the address? 


Tokyo HackerSpace


Tokyo-to Itabashi-ku Yayoicho 40-7


How long has it been around?

  - Over five years!

  (From http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Tokyo_Hacker_Space)

 - Date of founding  2009/05/16 


How many members?

 15-20, see finances below.


How are you doing financially?
 Not very well actually. The finance record is public and can be consulted.



How many Japanese members?

 When we started we were mostly a foreigner community. Currently we are between 1/3 and 1/2 

Japanese members. 


How do you afford rent?

 - Member dues paid monthly/yearly

 - Workshop / event prices

 - Selling kits


Do you have a 3D Printer?

 Yes we do! We have a 3D printer which was kindly donated to us by the wonderful people at Ultimaker. We also recently purchased a 40W laser cutter, and we have an assortment of power 

tools on site. We do regular workshops on soldering, welding, and small-board PCs.


What do members get?

 - a key for 24-hour access

 - discounts on workshops

 - the satisfaction of keeping THS open for others

 - dibs from our large collection of parts


What language do you speak at meetings?

 Our open meetings on Tuesday are conducted in English, and our Wednesday night meetings 

are done in Japanese. Many of our members are bilingual enough to do ad hoc interpretation.




How to add to the THS site

There's been a bit of discussion on the Google Groups mailing list about the use of this site. I thought I'd make a quick guide for how to make a blog entry. If you're comfortable with HTML, it's quite easy. First, you have to have an account on the tokyohackerspace.org site itself. If you don't have one, sign up online or talk to us about it. start bar
As you can see here, I currently have my language settings in Japanese, so the Japanese options on the tab bar are active. On the right-hand side of the page you can find the login: login
And once you have logged in, you will see the actions you can take for the site. On the left is the Japanese, on the right I've switched to English. loggedin Japanese logged in English
Clicking "Create Content" brings up a menu where you can choose the kind of information you want to post. Since I want to put this tutorial as a Blog Entry, I'll choose the first entry. Content types
There are three components to a Blog Entry,

  1. the Blog header
  2. the Blog article itself
  3. pictures, etc. that are referenced in the article

First, the blog header information:

blog header

  1. the title of the article turns into its headline and part of a direct URL for linking.
  2. tags are used on the THS site for searching and making automated lists. For example, if I add the "KitchenHacks" tag, this blog entry would be referenced automatically from the KitchenHacks group page.
  3. Here you specify the language of the article.

the Blog entry itself

Once you start writing the article, you can "split" the window. The top window will appear as the summary on the front page of the site, so you want to write a small introduction at the start of your article. Place the cursor between the introduction and the rest of the article, and click "Split summary at cursor". split at cursor
As you can see, I wrote my blog article using HTML tags for links and pictures. This means I have a couple points of administration. First is letting Drupal know that I'm using complex tags. Under the "Input Format" tab I need to specify "full HTML". This will activate the <img> and link tags. choose HTML for inline images

HTML resources

I also need to upload the images and other resources I've used in the article. Picking an image at a time and uploading them stores them on the server, and a link URL is given. Use this URL in the article image tags. upload the pictures referenced
Finally, the "Publishing options" tab allows you to position the article on the site. If you want your blog entry to be added to the front page, click the tab. Marking an article "sticky" will keep it at the top of a list. For example, this will keep things like "How to get to the Hackerspace" at the top of the front page. Please don't mark your blog entries sticky without good reason. Do you want the content promoted to the front page?
Good luck, and if you have any questions please feel free to bring them up. Either asking on the Google Groups list, talking about the site at the Tuesday meetings, or direct email to me or the site admins, let us know!

More about Hacker Spaces

More information about Hackerspaces


Our member officers are:

Chairperson - MRE

Secretary - Richard F.

Treasurer - Lauren S.

Membership officer - Robin

Publicity officer - Lauren S.

Web/IT officer - Chris S.

THS Happiness officer - Taylan

Our Policies

Policies listed here are currently tentative.




Our book library:

Great book on op-amp design:

AVR freaks collection of free online electronics books: