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Build with Akafugu again

By Richard Frankum - Posted on 04 December 2014

12/13/2014 13:00
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I don't know what it is about winter that makes me want to solder. Maybe it's the heat from the iron keeping my hands warm.
Tokyo HackerSpace will again be partnering with hardware kit maker Akafugu. Buy a kit from them, and assemble it with us!
This year we'll be featuring their series of VFD clocks.
These Vacuum Flourescent Displays are series of vacuum tubes that show letters or numbers in a bright green or blue.
Akafugu has found a number of uses for VFD displays, and is providing a workshop at THS for soldering and programming them. 
The VFD clock itself is modular, it comes with a base board, which is powered by an ATMega328p microcontroller and contains a high-voltage VFD driver that is used to light up the display shield that sits on the top board.
Five display shields are available. Pricing for the class will depend on which kit, ranging from 7.000 to 13.000, non-members add 1000 yen.
東京ハッカースペースと キットメーカー赤河豚 (がコラボします!

Kit pricing is as follows:


VFD Modular Clock / 蛍光表示モジュラー時計 mkII

 - IV-6 8000

 - IV-4 8000

 - IV-4 6-digit 9500

 - IV-22 10.000

 - IV-18 7000


VFD Modular Clock enclosure ケース

 - IV-6 1500

 - IV-4 1500

 - IV-4 6-digit 2500

 - IV-22 3000

 - IV-18 3500


They have Nixie kits too:


The Akafugu Nixie Clock / 赤フグニキシー時計 mkII 16.500

Nixie Modular Clock / ニキシーモジュラー時計 19.000


Per Groland
Karl Backstrom


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