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First GreenHackers meeting

By MRE - Posted on 20 December 2010

Sorry I don't have any photos. I was not in charge of the camera.

Tokyo HackerSpace's first GreenHackers meeting was Saturday!

As it turns out, it was Ben, Dr.J and I. About half way through, one of Ben's class mates showed up.
She knows a lot about gardening and such. Hopefully she'll be back next month (and perhaps a Tuesday night or two before then?)

Originally we planned on discussing energy usage as well as planning for the future of the group.

But it all started with what was intended to be a one hour back garden work party.

Well.. we got going, and figured that we would keep working till someone else showed up.
(Un?)fortunately no one really did, so we managed to get ALL the leaves raked and bagged up out back!!!

We also cut up and bagged all the wet and old cardboard. The back looks really nice now!
All that remains is to clean up the back porch, organize the shed, and clean off the table next to the porch.

After a few hours of gettin dirty, we retired inside to sit and talk about various on topic issues.
From these conversations, I got the idea to make a few cable sets to be used with the clamp on Amp meter. Briefly: the ClAmp meter can not clamp around a pair of power cables. The current going in one direction through one wire will cancel out the current going the other way on the other cwire, and thus the meter reads zero. What is needed is a way to clamp the meter around just ONE of the wires.
So I bought some parts to make a short cable we can plug a device into, and clamp the meter around the appropriate wire. Currently (HA!) I only have the standard 110 AC plug cable. If I can find some parts for the air con power cable, I will make one of those as well.

Other points of discussion include the usual (for THS) power meter stuff, wireless sensors, wiring up the entire house in order to measure the current usage everywhere...

and an introduction to!
THS will get an account, and we should start throwing up sensors.

One particularly interesting usage that Ben came up with is for the "Someone is at HackerSpace" web indicator that we have all wanted for ages but never got around to making.
Essentially, there would be a button (or several) that you could smash when you come in, and another when you go out. This would report to Pachube. We could then provide a very simple RSS that can be checked any time to see the status of THS.


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