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02/20 - Arduino 101

By MRE - Posted on 05 January 2011

02/20/2011 15:00
02/20/2011 17:00
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The Arduino is a micro-controller platform for entry level embedded systems applications.

Ok. Take two:

The Arduino is like a computer on a single chip. What makes it cool is that you can attach switches, lights, knobs, speakers, lasers, and monkeys to it.
Yes. Even monkeys. Or humans. Or.. well.. ANYTHING.

What makes it +6 awesome is that writing software for it is actually pretty easy (unlike other micro-controller platforms).

This class will introduce you to the Arduino hardware, as well as the software IDE.
You will install it on your laptop (if you bring one), or will use one of the THS class set laptops to get started.
We will walk through a few basic programs, and the upload process.
Finally, we will read data from the Arduino on our PC.

Projects include:
* Flashing an LED
* Reading a switch input
* Reading the value of a variable resistor with the Analog port
* Reading a temperature sensor

If time permits, we may also enable some wireless communications and send each other chat messages!

The class fee does not include any materials. We will be using a 'classroom set' of hardware. All materials will be provided, but you will not be able to take them home. However, you will be able to purchase hardware at an additional cost if you like.

you are welcome to bring and use your own Arduino or Japanino (produced by Gakken, and available in bookstores) if you have one.

Class sets will utilize Akiba's FreakDuino wireless Arduino board. You are welcome to purchase your own before the class:

The Japanino kit is occasionally available here:
with more info here:

A lot of courseware is here:

Specifically, please download the following:

The current version of the Arduino IDE is here:

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Sorry I couldn't make it on time. Can you leave one of the wired variable resistors at THS so I can do some measurement? I think they all got taken home.

I will leave one there tonight, or walk you through it if you happen to be there.

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