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12/13 Electronics 101 Class

By littlestgator - Posted on 13 December 2009

12/13/2009 14:00
12/13/2009 18:00
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THS Presents;
Electronics fundamentals
"WTF is a resistor?-- The absolute beginners guide to making your own electronic devices"

Join this great new workshop- and learn the basics of building electronic devices.
This class is perfect for absolute beginners. I have stripped it down to the bare essentials, making it perfect for young people or the technologically challenged! :)

This class will prepare you for basic electronic project building. You
will learn about basic components, their schematic symbols, and
digital/analog signals. You will learn how to use meters properly to
help you analyze your circuits.

For the hands on portion, you will learn how to create a live working circuit from it's schematic drawing. We will give you helpful tips to make prototyping easier. You will create a flashing LED circuit on a breadboard.

12/13 from 2pm-6pm
Fee: 2500 yen THS Members 3500 Non Members
TokyoHackerSpace in Shirokanedai
5-11-11 will send more details when you rsvp

RSVP by signing up below, or by writing to
Please feel free to forward to other people!

Class size is limited So RSVP soon.

(note: This class is focused on identifying parts, understanding schematic symbols, and basic skills with both multi-meters and the soldering iron. If you already know your way around these things, but want to know more about the theory behind them, stay tuned for Electronics 201!)

Signups closed for this Event

I'm very sorry to miss this class, but family obligations have come up. I hope it may be offered again some day.

No problem. We were wondering where you were.
I'll be doing the class every few months!

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