Build a Nixie Tube Clock!

11/04/2012 13:00
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Build an Akafugu Nixie Clock

"Nixie Tubes," states Wikipedia, "were used as numeric displays in early digital voltmeters, multimeters, frequency counters and many other types of technical equipment." This distinctive-looking output makes for an attractive timepiece.
THS is hosting a make-it-yourself workshop with the Nixie Clock kit from Akafugu. This soldering kit was created for the electronics beginner, featuring all through-hole components. Come and learn how you can build, customize, and display the piece.
If you have the urge to tinker with your clock, you can review the firmware, open-sourced on github and based on the Arduino. The workshop will cover connecting to a PC (using an FTDI adapter, available for a small fee) and programming the clock.

The clock kit details can be seen at
This class price includes Y15,000 for the kit.

Per Johan Groland
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Hello, I hadnt signed up

Hello, I hadnt signed up before, cause i didnt want to cancel, is it still okay, i sign up?
I show up anyway, if the equipments are not avail, just notify me then pls.

Sorry, I had something come

Sorry, I had something come up unexpectedly. Infant come today. I hope to try next time.