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Weekly Meeting 12/4

By Richard Frankum - Posted on 04 December 2012

12/04/2012 19:30
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First open meeting after the Maker Faire.
Some notes from the dead dog party. 反省会の議事録

  • Maker Faire "didn't have any administrative problems", lots of staff & few questions
  • "What is THS" - is our image just selling kits? We should show off what we build
  • For next time - have more tables. One to vend, one to show member projects, one a group project
  • We need a video or class of "Intro to hackerspaces" 
  • "We should definitely do a talk at every Maker Faire"
  • Jud: "this year was too professional" - too crowded
  • MRE: "We could do our own Maker Faire" (the "Faker Faire")
  • Marco: "If we sell kits, we will need to become more like a company" (Jam disagrees)
  • Ritsuko "We could make a company in a different name" (like Makerbot?)

Selling kits & making money

  • Mikele: "If we want to keep open, we need to make money"
  • Maker Faire helped attract people, how to attract members?
  • Mikele: classes help
  • Jam: agree w/ Mikele, specific ideas are good
  • Akiba: "need to provide value to the members"
  • Jud: "a hackerspace is a place to do weird stuff"
  • could also make the hackerspace "attractive to kids", there were many at Maker Faire
  • Richard: would be great if stuff was modded at the Maker Faire booth, to show people how to hack
  • Soldering stations at Maker Faire: only used twice, to repair our APC
  • Richard: should also add information about hackerspaces (NYCRes, NB, etc) because we had to explain the term lots


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