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Curries On The Cheap: Saag (Spinach)

By Unassigned Robot - Posted on 01 January 2010

01/06/2010 18:00
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日本語と英語で説明するので、日本人の方も大歓迎です! もし質問があったら、是非tokyohackerspace@ordisante.comにメールを送ってください。

Poverty and poor nutrition are inevitable for the hacker. Long hours in front of the computer, coupled with snacks from the combini will do a number on anyone's intake of useful nutrients. Working in a big faceless company with incompetent old men in charge will more than ensure your poverty. Still, there's no reason to let that cramp your food!

This is the first in a series of classes on cheap and quick curries that are readily "doable" in Japan. Our first dish will be Saag, a classic dish that was a favourite of militaries in the Indian subcontinent. Leave your preconceptions about spinach behind; this stuff is spicy, creamy and incredibly cheap to make. With the ingredients being almost ubiquitous in Japan, you will have no problem making this dish again and again.

Members will be asked to contribute 300 yen, while non-members will be asked to pay 500 yen each. There is no size limit to this class.

All participants who register beforehand will receive a print out with the spinach recipe, and a list of alternative things to try on their own.

Please reserve either here, through the listserv, or by contacting me directly at

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