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Electronics 101

By MRE - Posted on 01 February 2010

02/06/2010 14:00
02/06/2010 17:00
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Electronics 101
* Students are requested to bring a 9-volt battery, and 4 AAA batteries

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Ages 12 to adult.

The Electronics 101 class is your chance to learn the basics of electronic circuits from the pros. Even if you have no idea what a resistor is, or have never picked up a soldering iron before, you can do it all, with a just a little bit of help.

This class is perfect for absolute beginners. I have stripped it down to the bare essentials, making it perfect for young people or the technologically challenged! :)

This class will prepare you for basic electronic project building. You
will learn about basic components, their schematic symbols, and how to identify them. You will learn how to use meters properly to help you analyze your circuits.

Several labs throughout the course give you hands on experience to help you understand the fundamentals. With a few simple tools and supplies (included in the course kit), you will construct the lab and perform an experiment. Follow-up questions confirm your understanding. Additional challenges can be carried out using the kit at home.

The Electronics 101 course now includes a parts and tools kit, YOURS TO KEEP!
Everything you need to continue experimenting at home is included.
Future classes will expand upon the kit.

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Thanks so much for this course! It started with a lot of information I was already comfortable with, and that is perfect - makes it much easier when we moved into unknown or less comfortable territory. Just wish we had more time! Looking forward to 102 (or whatever you want to call it) - and some soldering lessons!

I was quite impressed with all the great questions, and 'off book' experiments everyone started trying out! That is what the hobby is all about.

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