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By MRE - Posted on 11 December 2010

12/18/2010 14:00
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First ever Green Hackers meetup! (DIY eco.)

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If you're reading this, you are probably already convinced that it would be a good thing to make your own lifestyle more sustainable.

The problem is that in order to make concrete steps toward a more sustainable lifestyle you need to:
-know what to do
-know how to do it
-do it
-keep it up
-do more

And anywhere along that way, it's really easy to get derailed and stop.

That's where a community of teaching and support comes in. "Green Hackers" is a monthly teaching/sharing/DIY-doing/supporting/reinforcing meetup group dedicated to figuring out how to make our lives more sustainable together.

We have some goals already:
-figure out how to live within an average of 2000 watts
-figure out how to reduce our garbage to a soccer ball sized-lump a month (through composting, etc.)
-figure out how to grow food even in the middle of the city
-understand the details of the environments (both man-made and not) around us so that we can understand and change our effects on them

Other goals are easy to imagine as well (reduce emissions, make ethical food/shopping choices, influence the communities around us for the better, etc.)

Doing all of that without going primitive and while still living in Tokyo ain't going to be easy. But we're interested in trying.

Oh, and since it's the hackerspace, we won't be going primitive so much as using every technological trick we can think of (using wireless sensors in the garden, building our own solar lamps, etc.) to make sure sustainable = comfortable.

Like the iPhone developers group, we don't have much of an idea what we're doing as we start. But we figure if we put all our brains together and keep it up, we can figure out a lot. And we figure if we have comrades and support as we do so, we'll stand a better chance of keeping it up.

We hope each Green Hackers meeting will be half sharing/brainstorming and half practical lessons/sharing on a theme. We figure we'll end up mixing about half tech stuff and half urban gardening stuff, too (the latter is really kind of important to get back into the sustainable earth cycles thing - e.g. to use your compost for, not to mention it absorbs CO2 and might even produce some food).


December's meetup
At the first meet-up on Dec. 18th from 2-4pm at THS, we will talk a bit about your electricity (and gas?) bills, what they mean, what they should reasonably be, and how to reduce them.

We'll also introduce the group itself, and brainstorm about what we want to do as we go forward.

We hope to get a variety of people with a variety of skillsets (but are happy with a small core to start with too!). Hope to see you there!

PS. Come an hour early (1pm) if you would like to help hack (er, garden?) the THS backyard so it can fulfill more potential as a green space in tokyo.

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