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Weekly Open Meeting

By Unassigned Robot - Posted on 09 October 2011

10/11/2011 19:30
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Our weekly meeting again. MC: Robin Agenda Welcome to THS Self intros Guest Speaker: Dr. Akihiko Sugiyama, NEC Abstract: Auditory System in a Personal Robot, PaPeRo Design, implementation and evaluation results of the auditory system for a personal robot, PaPeRo, is presented. The system consists of sound-source localization, noise cancellation, and echo cancellation combined with speech recognition. Sound-source localization incorporates new formulae taking near-field conditions into account for offsetting errors caused by the relative altitude of the speech source to the microphones. In noise cancellation, a novel stepsize control assuming a wide range of signal-to-noise ratios of the input signal helps achieve both small residual noise and distortion in the noise-cancelled signal. New double-talk detection in echo cancellation improves detection performance by paying attention to the background noise in the detection measure. Evaluation results with recorded signals in the real environment demonstrates 40% higher source-localization performance, as much as 65% and 71% higher speech recognition rates in noisy environment and during robot utterances. Some video demonstrations are provided. upcoming events * Horror movie night - MRE * Friday Nihongo lessons started 10/7! - Richard * October Hack-A-Long - MRE * Beginners HTML class - Rick * CraftRobo Intro class - Natsuki * Brewing - THS guinness will be bottled in a week and a half Show and Tell * new model of b-geigie "ninja" * Hackerspace Passports & CCC swag from Bennie More upcoming events: * Hackers on a Plane (Nov 6) * MAKE (1st weekend of Dec) Attendance (no self-intros this week): lem, lauren, chris, bennie, ben, ashley, jun, robin, jud, kalin, lionel, arnaud, lochlainn, dr. j, scott, bruce, dr. sugiyama, richard, emery, garrett, jam

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