You are 101: Build Your Website & Supercharge Your Content! 101: Build Your Website & Supercharge Your Content!

By Unassigned Robot - Posted on 31 May 2010

06/25/2010 19:30
06/25/2010 21:30
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Bring your wifi-enabled laptop, get online with an elegant, simple website, and create the content your audience is looking for.

In this hands-on workshop, we'll:
Define your online strategy: what story do you want to tell with your blog, and what do you want your audience to do?
Learn to tell your story with text, photos, audio & video* using the tools you already have.
Understand how to measure results using the simple, built-in statistics.
Understand the WordPress universe, including,, etc.

You'll leave with a blog and a strategy that you can use to go to the next level for your organization, product or service.

Plus, it'll be fun:-)

About WordPress
WordPress is the open source platform that's driving hundreds of thousands of sites around the world, from the very smallest 1 page blog to the largest content management systems. With a huge worldwide community, frequent updates, and a philosophy that code is poetry, it's my personal favorite platform for building a home on the web.

Workshop Fee: ¥4000
Tokyo Hacker Space and FEW members: ¥3000

Workshop Leader: Terri MacMillan

About Terri:
Terri MacMillan was born in Harlem, New York in January 1958, attended the High School of Music and Art as a Voice major, was Manager of Business Affairs for CBS Records International for 10 years, Director of Administration for Prince’s Paisley Park Music for 2 years, was Director of Sales for Kampo Cultural Center, then moved to Japan to co-manage Pizzicato Five.
As as new media producer, Terri has produced podcast series garnering hundreds of thousands of downloads. Career highlights include:

* Wrote & produced chart-topping multimedia online content for Time Magazine, The Nikkei Weekly, The University of Tokyo, Benesse/Berlitz and the original series ‘Real Life with Akiko & Tina’(over 1 million downloads on iTunes)
* Regional Field Director, Northern Asia for the Obama ’08 presidential campaign
* Author of Fushigi no Kuni no Bush (Bush in Wonderland) for Kobunsha: Japan’s first Bushisms book
* Produced and launched a million-selling hybrid series of DVDs and CDs for the Mozart Effect in Japan

Terri is a content strategist who coaches independent businesspeople on new media strategy and communications.

*putting video on your blog is not free.

Signups closed for this Event

Hi Terri, Just wondering if there will be any focus on server-side set up (if you have your own server and want to host the blog on it) or is this intended more on content and running on the wordpress site?

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