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Open Source Innovation Platform on Drupal - Nicholas Wang, Cuusoo

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Hi all,
Some of you already know Nicholas Wang (Cuusoo) who relocated to Tokyo from Silicon Valley (Yahoo).

He is working on a project that is a good fit with THS, and after the kickoff event at TEPCO this Saturday (which I'll also be joining and you are welcome to) is planning to develop a weekly meeting for the project...

He was planning to start hosting it at their company offices, but I suggested he also experiment holding some of the gatherings at THS.

Nicholas will be joining me tomorrow night for the THS meeting....and hopefully he can get some input on the project and his plan from the community in general, and especially the drupal programmers at THS

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow....totemo hisashiburi! I'll be bringing two futons and a printer (if i figure out a way to carry it all)

Since 1998, has been Japan's leading User Innovation platform, with a successful track record connecting consumer co-producers with TEPCO, MUJI, LEGO and other smaller manufacturers, producing some of the most popular, best selling items in these companies.

Come join us Saturday, March 27th from 16:30 - 18:30 and learn about CUUSOO's history, its upcoming plans to open source its platform, and hear it from its partners how they plan to use CUUSOO to jump start their User Collaborative Innovations.

In the second half of the event, we will also participate in a "real life CUUSOO" game, where participants will form organic groups around ideas you submit, and try to design and build it with just pen, paper and LEGO. Afterwards we'll discuss how your designs are better (or worse) than products available on the market. This game is also meant to help CUUSOO build its new open source platform with features that you as a user will need!

Session is mainly in English but we will have crowdsourced interpretation.

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