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Trip to the Mixed Reality Lab at Keio University

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Unassigned Robot

Professor Cheok has invited THS members to visit his Mixed Reality Lab at Keio University to do some hardware hacking. There is a laser cutter, PCB etcher, and also a 3d printer that we may be able to use.

I imagine the visit will be on a weekday as it's a university. Who would be interested in coming along?

- Karamoon

akiba (not verified)

I'd like to check it out. I won't be back until after 9/28 though but if the trip occurs after that, then you can count me in.

vanzaj (not verified)

I'd also be interested.

nytrist (not verified)

Same for me! I'd be interested so if it's after 28th Sept, count me in.

simon (not verified)

I'm interested.

masahiro (not verified)

I'm interested.

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lhuga (not verified)

Count me in as well.
I wonder if any other Japanese members want to join this. (Except Masahiro and me)
I have translated this topic into Japanese, let's see if anybody....fingers crossed!

karamoon (not verified)

I met with Professor Cheok yesterday. He said a weekend is possible, if it's better for THS people. The trip will involve training on a laser cutter with 0.1 mm accuracy, the high speed CNC machine, and maybe the 3D printer. These are the three most common "big tools" found at hackerspaces and fab labs, so it's important for us all to be familiar with them. Professor Cheok will also give us an overview of what goes on at his Mixed-Reality lab at Keio. It's a good chance to see some of the technologies that will be shaping our lives in 10 year's time.

- Karamoon

akiba (not verified)

Sounds excellent. I'm very interested in all three machines. very very very....

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I just bitgasmed. SOOOO IN!

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