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running list of ideas for the MJ clothing line

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A lot of people had some interesting ideas, and sort of bombarded Akiba with suggestions.

So, here is the place to tell him what you think. This will also give the choreogrophers a chance to look over several ideas, and choose the ones they like best, or to come up with ideas of their own.

Glitter Glove:
The glitter glove starts with a loose knit glove (a tight fitting gardening glove would work fine).
Make a "bracelet" of LEDs that can be hidden under the garment sleeve, and attached to the cuff of the glove.
Attached to the LEDs (using clear epoxy) are several strands each of various lengths of plastic fiber optic strands. The strands run INSIDE the glove, and only the last 1/2 to 1/4 inch of each strand pokes out of the glove through the weave. This way, the glove itself acts as a natural way to keep the strands in place, without need of stitching or glue. Positioning is not critical, so long as the distribution of fibers is even.

The effect would appear to be any normal white glove, untill the stage lights are out, and the LEDs turned on. It would be a fastasic look, to see only the "dancing glitter gloves" on stage. MJ did a lot of interesting hand movement, and such an effect (used sparingly throughout the performance) would highlight these movements.

Effect would be more impressive if LEDs were a combination of RGB and ultrabright strobes.

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