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Squarefoot garden Lighting challenge

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Unassigned Robot is the book I brought to one of the meetings a while back.

It looks like we have some good people connections to advise on use of the garden space. One thing I'd like to throw out is afaik (from reading the book above and my meagre experience) is that vegetables need 6-8 hours sunlight a day.

The garden to me looks pretty much a well shaded space and not to much can be done about that I think

So, the technical challenge (unless we can grow vegetables/herbs that grow in the shade) is - if anyone is interested in using the garden space to grow food plants - is how can we rig some efficient sunlight substitute?

John Moore, ex-patagonia head Todd brought round, will no doubt have suggestions but I'd just thought I'd throw this out there.

sonicviz (not verified)

ack..just saw there was a garden project area, where I should have put this.
How can I move this post there?

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Heh.. I just moved it!
For future reference, you can edit your original post, and find the pull-down for the forum to move it to.

re: topic
Chris S. and I have been casually looking over the electrical.
It wont be a problem at all to wire up any indoor/outdoor lighting we may need.
The trick is money and sourcing the appropriate lights for growing.

And, there is always Hydro for veggies as well.
(I recently 'acquired' a large collection of books on Hydroponics and bonsai)
Hyrdro looks easy, and there are lot of interesting ways to go about it.
Need to find a source for lights, strata and root juice.

akiba (not verified)

LED lights are the recommended way to go and you can do quite a bit with a 70/30 ratio of red to blue LEDs. They'd need a way to automatically control the timing. If we go that far, might as well start playing with some hydroponics.

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Its like upgrading a car.. first its just putting a new chip in.. then you might as well put a new exhaust on.. well now we might as well redo the intake.. next thing you know its a whole engine swap! :)

toddjapan (not verified)

I followed up with John and he said one of his organics classes from Freedom University could work with us on this next month. Said it needs to get done before the end of autumn.

This is not to stop others from getting something going in the meantime--just an option from an experienced gardener and the opportunity for a class to work on a real project and have the Freedom University class and THS communities mix--both of which fit with core THS themes....Todd

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I like the idea of some professional advice/guidance... even if they are students on their way to becoming professionals.

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Looks like the "end of autumn" deadline was missed... but I'm interested in the Sq. Ft thing. I had a look at their website, seems like it could be productive.

I've been wanting to learn about gardening, ever since I moved this year. Our new apartment actually has a yard!

laziekazie (not verified)

Hi, I joined THS recently and was wondering if any of you have this kinda project. I was surprised that John is mentioned here because I took his classes on organic gardening.

I would be interested in getting involved with the project.

As things are slow in winter for gardening, maybe you could work on making good soil? making compost or some? earth warm compost? I am trying one for myself at my new apartment with a balcony.

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Lziekazie - I am interested in gardening as well, but really have no clue about it other than buying potted plants and trying to keep them alive.

It would be interesting if you could head up a guided project team. Winter is a good time start planning, and composting as you say.

For instance, can you give me a bit more info on your balcony compost project? Id like to try it myself.
Also, we have a LOT of garden space. Lets set up a compost pile soon.

Id like to learn a lot more about composting. My school currently throws out all the wasted food each day that the kids dont eat, yet they also have a nice sized garden that the special needs kids grow vegetables in. It would appear to be a simple leap from throwing out that food to composting it... right?
Id like to start a project at the school, but only after I have a bit more knowledge.

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I did a little googling about composting. It seems easy enough to do (but not as easy as "throw your food in a pile"). One concern is how long it would take to have useable compost - from the sites I've seen it's anywhere from three weeks to eight months.

I hope someone can show me the backyard next time I'm at the house!

laziekazie (not verified)

Hi Richard,

I just started to experiment the compost for my balcony too.
I have some book and links as well. Yeah, you can not just dump anything there I suppose. I think we can plant comfrey first too.

I hope I can come take a look at the space see what type of compost would be good. Please let me know when you guys are meeting next time.


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