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In the beginning, there was RepRap!

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Joined: 07/20/2009

Lets start a forum for the THS RepRap machine!

The RepRap 'wiki' is here:

It contains a book structure, in which you can add child pages to either the front page, or to sub pages.
For example, if you are working on... say... a community outreach aspect such as finding schools to collaborate with, you might want to create a child page to the FRONT page (the link above).
However, if you are working on a particular mechanical part (say for instance a drill head to augment the RepRap for CNC machining), you would add that page as a child of the build log page.

In general, lets use the forum here for discussion, and as things start to become more firm, add it into the project book.

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Joined: 07/20/2009

I got to have a great conversation with Karamoon on Tuesday night (12/08/09) about the various machinery options.

Everyone should take a look at and compare the "Darwin", "Mendel", and the RepStrap machine "Seedlings."

Build info on Mendel is here:

Darwin build info is here:

In the RepStrap category, there are several "Seedling" designs. Here is the most robust and simplest of the bunch:

I would suggest that the best course might be to build the McWire Cartesian, and with that build parts for as many "proper" Mendels as we want.

You may be asking; "Why build the Seedling RepStrap, only to build a new machine with it?" Since the RepStrap can do anything a proper RepRap can do, you would have a valid point. However the RepRap has a few advantages:

* Modular tool heads
* A community effort going into developing the mechanicals, rather than being "on your own"
* much more ridged, and therfore faster

I personally look forward to the day that THS has 3 or 4 machines (possibly member owned), and we can have RepRap parties, in which we are building several items at the same time! Would be great for making our own party favors and other schwag.

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Joined: 07/20/2009

Ohh.. and selling parts kits would be an AWESOME money maker for the webshop.

We can totally frost the CupCake!
(most terrible pun ever)

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