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Joined: 07/20/2009


We have been asking people to log in and create their personal profiles. However, after looking at the "Create content" page, I don't see a 'Profile' content type. I assume it would just be a 'page' type, but am unsure how it will be indexed.

What is the official word on this?

KyleHase (not verified)


Drupal has built in support for profiles. Click on the "My account" link to the right to view your profile. Click the "edit" tab to modify your profile.

I've added a few profile fields like "Short Bio", "Interests" and "Hacker skills". Please let me know if you think other fields are necessary.

Once I have sFTP access I'll cleanup the profile page layout.

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Joined: 07/20/2009

found it.. and completed it.
I would suggest that for the URL section, we should be able to add more than just two, and use a pull-down to select what type of url it is (facebook, myspace, twitter, personal blog, personal website, corporate site, other)

KyleHase (not verified)

That would require non-trivial hacking to the core modules which becomes a maintainability burden.

Another option would be to remove the two URL fields and replace it with an HTML textbox in which users can write their own URL links.

Twitter: @KyleHase

and so forth.

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Maybe on tues. night meeting this week we can start getting both online and offline profile info updated?

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Joined: 07/20/2009

Yeah.. sort of as background noise, I am planning a few things like a more complete profile, user page, blog layout, etc... its going to take some "Views" work... so its an excuse for me to learn them..

But, I think we need to get past Make.

Id rather dink around with it on ONE profile (Ie mine), work out the bugs, THEN roll it all out to the users anyway (less chance of self destructing something).

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