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Potential Site in Nogizaka

As part of our planned departure from Shibuya, various members have been checking for a space more suited to industrial application. A couple of us looked at a place in Nogizaka on 6.20.2013, and here are some awful pictures.
R0021727.JPG a view from the outside, with the two garage doors open.
R0021720.JPG a close up, looking in the right (soon-to-be-open) side of the garage. Mucho clutter.
R0021722.JPG (rotate counterclockwise) Looking in, this workbench is against the left wall.


Photos and scans from whiteboards and brainstorming sessions

Potential Site in Shibuya

A few of us looked at a potential new space near Shibuya Station.

Solar Charger

photo gallery for the THS 12-volt solar USB charger kit

Window Farming

MRE's Window Farm Photos

Thai Curry Feast, Tues Meeting 2010-01-26

Karaspoon feeds the crowd...


Photo gallery of the ScanRap, a rapid prototyping machine based on RepRap electronics. ScanRap is more technically, a "seedling" machine.
It is ment to build the parts for a 'proper' RepRap, among other things.


Logos, business cards, and other promotional materials

First day

Some random shots from the first day at the house (photographer unknown)

DITLO event photos by Jim Grisanzio

"A Day in the Life Of THS" event photos taken by Jim Grisanzio

Miang's photos

A selection of photos from Miang's collection, from the very first THS meeting in Shirokanedai, to the recent "Curries on the Cheap" lessons.

Tuesday (7:30 PM)
Open House Meeting
水曜日 (7:30 PM)
日本語 Meeting

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