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Meeting Notes 0908

Here are the rest of the notes from last night's meeting.
Once again, please add / update as you remember it :)

Show n Tell
Akiba's THS stencil design and boards
MRE designed his own circuit board for use in the Electronics 101
Dave's 'Prison Hooch' homebrew made from grapes and water. Come in a month to try it!

Other new thoughts ideas...
Paul wants to run an introduction to realtime audio visual controllers using alternative interfaces (see further down in events too)

Simon wants to look at setting up at TOR server (see below for more info)

Reminder: Please update profiles THS website and mailing lists with stuff you're interested in, and want to do in the space.


  • Sara jean - coming to one of the meeting to talk about Shureda
  • offering tech skills and expertise is useful eg. server support, building a server etc
  • Matthew' going to TLUG on Saturday 12th. Meeting is from 1.30pm, then drinks. Details here
  • Dave had a great list of people who we could sync up with.
  • Junior highs are learning basic electronics. Could teach science club electronics using MRE's board (see show n tell)

Follow ups:
List of communities - Dave

Furniture / Physical Stuff:

  • We have a sewing machine - yay!
  • talk about purchasing Craft Magazine (out of print now), Make (Japanese and English)
  • maybe need 'Acquisitions groups' eg. microchips, books, jewellery making
  • Freecycle good place to pick up furniture

Follow ups:
Review list of equipment and prioritize.
Create acquisition groups

Google List

  • too much conversational talk. There's 90 people on the google list. Chris will send friendly reminders to cut down.
  • Forums have been set up for projects / workshops / events discussions.

Open House Afterthoughts - in addition to those already mentioned on the Mailing list here

  • great day, great turnout!
  • Sunday afternoon seemed to work well

Next time wishlist

  • projects with a make and take ethos. eg 20 minute circuit board
  • more information about the space eg. leaflets in entrance hall
  • sofa
  • visuals
  • prep table in kitchen
  • 1 project per space and use the garden
  • variety of arts, craft and electronics
  • maybe a bbq
  • need to document - vox pops / pics and update in timely way
  • greeters

Follow ups:
contact people on the mailing

Sub projects / groups

  • a number of subgroups were identified (see below)
  • generally each event or workshop will have sub group
  • please join if you're interested in any of the sub groups

Website (Kyle / Simon / Matthew / others?

  • how do we want to integrate calendar, google apps and website.
  • Japanese menus if it's default browser language
  • tweak drupal theme for Japanese users. Other suggestions?

Running a TOR server - Simon / Karamoon / Kyle?
What else do we want on the server?

Follow ups:

  • Urgently need a way for keyholders to update when they're going to be in the house. Quick fix is to put on website
  • Urgent: Japanese automatically showing if default language in browser - Kyle?
  • check map / address and password - JC

Webstore Akiba / Chris / others?
Check forum for update

PR - Lauren, Terri, JC, Matthew?

  • compiling the info that's being posted about us
  • Mail people who left details on mailing list
  • Mieji! - see mailing list thread

Follow ups:
mailing list, and email people who have joined
finalise meiji design

House Bits and Pieces
Looking after acquisitions, getting furniture, other bits

Greening THS - Todd?

Garden - Todd
John Moore - former head of Patagonia runs organic classes. He might be able to to do something with our garden as a school project
anyone else interested?

Workshops / Events
10th October
Electronics Workshops - Akiba / MRE / others?

11th October
Brain Machine Day - Karamoon / others?
Terri doing up a flier: In progress

24 / 25th October
Design Fiesta - interested people?
Want a presence but maybe better to focus on Make as bigger event (and more time)

31st October
thoughts / ideas /

22nd and 23rd November
Make - Karamoon / Satoka / others?
How we can be involved - eg running a hardware hacking area both days / sponsor
As sponsor we can:

  • website
  • regular volunteers for event
  • streaming
  • video hosting
  • support LEM and Robotics

Also have our own separate space

  • important for people to mingle with other booths as well
  • make stuff from Make
  • 15 min - 30 min projects. Brain Machine maybe not appropriate
  • Makers from Brain Machine day, bring them along
  • maybe run contests eg. speed soldering, disassembling a board

Our aims

  • meet people, be inspired and inspire.
  • build relationship with make
  • money from kits
  • THS exposure

Follow ups:
Satoka and Matthew talking to O'Reilly
Look at Make blog, make comments and participate
Add link to our website

5th December
American school in Japan Winter festival - Dave
A great opportunity to do workshops with kids.

Introduction to realtime audio visual controllers using alternative interfaces - Paul

Other ideas:
THS passport eg. Hackers from overseas can use the space
Running contests (maybe at Make) eg. speed soldering, disassembling a board

Tuesday (7:30 PM)
Open House Meeting
水曜日 (7:30 PM)
日本語 Meeting

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