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Meeting Notes 0915

Just brief meeting notes from tonight's meeting.
Please add/correct if you find anything, thanks!

* Virtual/Phisical
* Tables chairs

Short introduction
David S
Bruce M
Michael T

Projector -> Michael have 1
*suggestion to get - 2000Lumens ( brightness)
(we have 3 projectors available as loans. In the future, we should consider a THS owned projector as a one of our larger purchases. Often used in Akihabara for less than 20000 yen)


Membership surveys

*Change the structure, top page has to have JP/EN choice -> actual contents
*put links such as JP | EN to change the language setting for the site
You bilinguals need to help!!

Drupal page(Matthew's Brain Machine) missing (made last night, diasppeared today) What happened? We need to find out , but not want to spend so much time.

How about Google Apps engine? -> Renewal by Python (Ian, MiCHiLU, Florian, they are good developers)

Web site redesigning project! (MRE, Masahito, Jawaad and lhuga)

Key issues - keyholders' responsibilities
*Schedules for holiday

!!!Members currently avoid space due to the lack of Internet

Coworker visa

Email todd - temp Calendar

Plan October - Openday!
Reserved date:
10th Electric 101
11th Brain machine
31th THS Halloween : might get a big pumpkin from Base(David S)

We should keep Karamoon's video at TLUG(blinking light?) playing on in a spair room, which is ideal to show people what is hacker space

Storage boxes(measuring, etc)
(the large boxes about 30 can fit in the room. Consider - Shared boxes? or boxes as catagories for communal items, and only small personal boxes for members)
(as a team management system)

Karamoon, Is this your missing post:

The problem would be its posted location (something I hope to clean up by using post forms and organizing the site more).
It was posted to "Home" which goes somewhat nowhere.. sort of like writing a blog post. It exists, but no one can find it unless they know how.

I will try to copy it to the event page that is already in existance for your event.

Tuesday (7:30 PM)
Open House Meeting
水曜日 (7:30 PM)
日本語 Meeting

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