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Meeting Notes 3rd November

1. Please name anything you're lending or don't want others to use (including food)

2. Membership dues were due
There are also 2 desks upstairs to rent.
It's 30,000 yen for a month which includes everything except phone. Please spread the word. Official write up on the web.

3. Lights are being left on - especially hallway light. Please check when you leave.

4. For workshop planning, please use report sheet posted online.

5. Writers Club are interested in holding their monthly event here. Yay!

6. Terrie Worskhop suggestion
5 workshop series for DIY video

5. Hackers on a Plane - Coming to Japan.
Looking at doing an event. 2 - 3 days of activities.
ETA Oct / Nov 2010
30 - 40 people.
Need venue for workshop. THS can help. To source venue, we need to confirm date.

Upcoming Events:
1. Wed Movie 4th November:
Tetris - From Russia with Love from 7.30pm

Upcoming Movie Suggestions:
Genghis Blues - Tuva throat singing
The Conversation and Enemy Of The State with discussions in between.
Showing connections. An ongoing by James Bourke.

2. Ted India live stream this Thursday / Friday / Sat
at THS and Keio University.

3. Barcamp 21st November - will start early.

Tuesday (7:30 PM)
Open House Meeting
水曜日 (7:30 PM)
日本語 Meeting

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