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By MRE - Posted on 14 December 2009

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Project lead: 

ScanRap is a RepRap "seedling" machine made from flat-bed scanner parts. The project is ongoing.

The photo gallery for ScanRap is here:

Blogs and posts about this project
ScanRap beginnings MRE So I decided to build a 3d printer. I have been pouring over the RepRap documentation, and settled on the idea of building a RepStrap "seedling"...
The tear down MRE So I did some work on ScanRap recently. Dave from THS was nice enough to donate a third scanner to the cause. At first glance, it appeared to be more...
Junk in my head MRE After tearing down the scanners and being slightly disappointed that I wouldn't be able to mash this thing up nearly as fast as I thought (see The...

Can I haz sub-page?

I'm not sure if a "Project" page can have sub-pages or just comments.
After I looked here I went searching for your blog post on starting the project, it wasn't too easy to find.
Here's a link to it:

YEeeeah... I haven't worked out that detail yet. :/

The web site is an ongoing thing hehe..
Ideally, I would make the project a book page, and collect all the blogs into the book.
That, or figure out a view that attaches the related blogs to the project page.

I am not terribly happy with the "Project" content type.

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