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Solar cell phone chargers

By MRE - Posted on 25 April 2011

Project lead: 

This project will provide solar panels and charging systems for popular cell phones used in Japan.
It is our contention that power will continue to a troublesome issue for refugees in the disaster zone. Especially over the summer, when it is predicted that there will be many power shortages and rolling blackouts.

Currently, there are many areas still "off grid" which can benefit from a varied selection of solar powered options.

There are two sub projects:

Project 1:
We have already received a shipment of 500 USB charger panels from Konarka (
We are now sourcing USB to keitai adaptor cables for the various brands (AU, Docomo, Softbank).
We will then ship these out in 10 matches of 50 units.
The target for this unit is individuals and families.

Project 2:
This project was initially started in conjunction with Global Solar (
The project calls for a larger scale panel. The panel will be connected via a charger to a salvaged automotive battery. We have designed a USB power supply, capable of charging 4 phones via USB of the panel-battery combination.
In addition, the supply provides an output for wifi router and mobile internet device.
The target for such systems is larger communities and shelters.

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