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The "Map Akihabara" Challenge

By Unassigned Robot - Posted on 01 August 2009

This page has been migrated to the official project website:

Project goals

  • Short term: tag favorite/interesting spots in Akihabara with good descriptions in whatever form is best- pdf. flip video, google mashup, napkin sketches, matchstick model. whatever.
  • Longer term: throw in some environmental sensors to collect air pollution, noise level, and other data, make it all available to public and researchers.


  • A web page ("the map") with a Google Maps controller with a bunch of cool places in Akihabara marked and linked to detailed descriptions and photos. Similar to this ramen map site:
  • A user interface ("the GPX uploader") to upload new locations on the map in GPX format.
  • A low-budget GPS device ("the device") with a pushbutton to tag locations and generate waypoint data in GPX format.
  • Support for any other device that produces waypoint data in non-GPX format. ("the scripts")

How does it work?

The latest demo is here:

The official website is here:

How to participate

There are so many ways. You can contribute with programming, expertise and professional advice, or simply observe and voice out your opinion on the project plan and the decisions being made as we progress.

If you would like to get involved in development, go to the developer wiki:

If you would like to participate in discussions, go to the forum:

How to request a new feature?

Register a new blueprint here:

The most important fields to fill are title and summary. The rest will be entered/changed later by project managers.

Sounds fun. I'm in. I may be a little limited on time, tho since I'm pretty busy with my work and also setting up the THS webshop.

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