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Through the years, a lot of people have made donations to help support the space. Unfortunately, we can not acknowlede them all.

The following sponsors have helped support major events, public fundraisers and other actions by Tokyo HackerSpace. This page serves as a permenant, public "Thank You!" to all you.


3D Printer (January, 2015)

Hakushon:Summer Fun (June, 2014)


Indiegogo campaign (May, 2014)

$300  Hanko makes you official:      hxxfoundation
$150  Akihabara Tour:                      Sachiko
$150  MEGA hacker grab bag:          Shingo, Jeffrey
$150  Three (3) Months Prestige:     sgmakers, silke
$75    Hacker grab bag:                    macfreak109, Robert, Howard, John, manufacturingstories
$65    Sunny Day:                              Vicarious, thenetimp
$50    Super Badge:                           jonathan
$50    Honorary Membership:           daniel, fakufaku
$25    Funky Japan: Ben,                   kenjirooishi
$10    Etch bonus:                              Matt
, tatsuya, kato
$10    Badges?!:                                 Robert, KREIE
$10    We dont need no badges:
        miki, randy, hackerspace-bamberg, burlingk
$5      Global hugs:                             silsha, hatak0509,
Various Donations:                            mr.ed, romedius


MakerCamp (April, 2014)


Tuesday (7:30 PM)
Open House Meeting
水曜日 (7:30 PM)
日本語 Meeting

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