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Meeting Notes 0915

Just brief meeting notes from tonight's meeting.
Please add/correct if you find anything, thanks!

Meeting Notes 0901

Here are the notes from 1st September. Apologies in advance any misspellings or misrepresentations.
Please feel free to add or correct.


Introductions, interests and what people want to do in the space including

  • sustainability and natural methods of aircon
  • virtual and augmented reality
  • technology art projects
  • sewing esp. teddies with evil flashing eyes
  • methods of learning and teaching
  • basics of microprocessors
  • programming and micro controller hacks

9.1 Weekly Meeting , 19:00-21:00 @THS Shiroganedai

09/01/2009 19:00

Weekly meeting to catch up, chat and plan next steps.

Day in the Life event
workshops and event plans for September-October
Burning Man and Right Brain Art proposals
updates on hackerspace Store
updates on calendar functions, steering committee and keys

ALSO this week is donate a cleaning item week. All members and meeting attendees please bring some cleaning spray, sponge, rag, device, bucket, mop like object to donate to our cleaning supply closet.

add others?

EDIT 2011/7: notes are here.

2009-08-04 Tokyo Hackerspace Meeting Summary

Here's a quick meeting summary of what we discussed at the last Tokyo Hackerspace meeting. I think JC, Karamoon, and MRE can provide more details since this is just a skeleton outline.

Incidentally, this was the first hackerspace meeting where a majority of people brought notepads, which is both a little scary and shows that there are so many things going on that we're reaching the limits of our brains (or at least mine).

1) Lauren was discussing the status of the THS house. Looks like things are just about closed and we're planning on having a walkthrough/picnic on 8/22. We're also planning on having some exhibitions in September while the space is still empty and well...spacious.

Tokyo Hackerspace Meeting at Kimono

08/04/2009 19:00

Tokyo Hackerspace Meeting at Kimono. Please see sticky on front page for directions and details.

Weeekly meeting

07/28/2009 20:00
07/28/2009 22:00

== Next Meeting 次回の会合 ==
:Time: Tuesday July 28th at 8pm
Location: Kimono Wine Bar and Lounge
Address: 東京都港区西麻布4-18-20

This is a super pre-launch new spot. THS will be our very first customers.
cool chill music, wi-fi, wine, beer and a place quiet enough to hear yourself think!

4-18-20 Nishi Azabu
Tokyo 106-0031

Tokyo Hackerspace Meeting Number - XXX

Damn, forgot which number the Hackerspace meeting was. It must be around five or six by now. Anyways, it was good conversation and lots of beer.

Lauren was discussing the Shirokanedai house that will be the future home of Hackerspace and also the future of Tokyo hackerspace. That was a pretty spirited debate, where we talked about opposing viewpoints on how we can raise funds for the group. There are many opportunities, but the basic consensus is that we're going to need to do a lot of fundraisers, workshops, exhibitions, and of course sell goods in the webshop. I think it's going to be pretty fun because THS is in the stage of being a scrappy startup and everyone is pulling together to get things off the ground. That's the part that I like best because usually once things take off, excitement dies down and future members won't remember the pain of getting things started.

We also had our round of show and tell where everyone was talking about what they are doing, working on, or are interested in. I especially liked perisoma's demonstration of his Rube Goldberg project where a bunch of Japanese hackers got together and put together a device that was essentially useless, but entertaining in it's uselessness.

If anyone has a link to it, let me know because it's fucking cool.

Everyone always seems to be scared of my turn, I guess because I usually need a lot of time to set up. Luckily that wasn't the case today. I just showed some meters that I picked up in Akihabara for the group. They were surplus meters that were going for 1000 yen a piece so I bought out the inventory (of five meters). I also got a clamp meter for Chris S. because I know he's into some high power, high current, bizarre mechanical stuff like submarines or rail guns. Same with MRE. I'm anti-weapon by the way...

I also showed some of the inventory I'm building up in preparation for manufacturing the THS boards. Most of the parts are already stocked in my apartment and I'm just waiting for the boards to come back. One slight hiccup in the whole thing is that Sharp discontinued the RGB LED. That means that a re-spin of the THS boards is going to need to occur to design in a different RGB LED or remove it altogether. Anyways, I'll probably post more on that later. My brain is still fuzzy from the meeting.

Here's some pics of the gathering:

Tuesday (7:30 PM)
Open House Meeting
水曜日 (7:30 PM)
日本語 Meeting

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