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Kamogawa research trip: September 2011

09/23/2011 09:00
09/25/2011 19:00
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September Research trip to Kamogawa:

This time we will be discussing and making plans for remote sensor networks, as applied to farm production.
We will also be scouting sites for wind and hydro turbines.

Kamogawa research trip: August 2011

Here is my picassa photo album:

We started off at the beach. I took a swim in the ocean while Garratt
attempted to catch gravelfish his man made fish trap. Archi got the
shit kicked out of him by a particularly hard wave. The surf was
pretty strong right onto the beach.

Later we met Chris H, went up to his house (which is on the end of a
supremely steep driveway) and set up the tent in his garden. Its a
pretty large space they have, with a good breeze and cool shade all

Solar Charger

photo gallery for the THS 12-volt solar USB charger kit

Solar power on the balcony

Panel on the roof of the cupboard 2

Inspired by Chris Harrington's solar-on-the-farm and bothered by the fact we need the air-con most in the middle of the day when Tepco says doing it is most like to cause blackouts, I decided to try and do a little rooftop balcony solar experiment of my own.

Huge shout-out to Chris for helping source all the pieces on yahoo auctions, and advising in detail on the right areas to over-spec or plan for expansion on etc.

Solar Lantern/Soldering Workshop

07/08/2011 19:30
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Come to Tokyo Hackerspace and learn how to solder or put togther your very own Mason jar solar lantern. These lanterns are perfect for rolling blackouts since they require no maintenance other than being left in a sunny area. The battery life is from 6-8 hours on a day's charge and provides nice, romantic mood lighting for this summer's blackout season.

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Kimono Lantern Kit


This is the project page for the Kimono Solar Lantern. The name comes from Lauren's restaurant, the Kimono Winebar. She wanted something to decorate her restaurant's patio at night and this was the result.

The concept is to reuse things like mason jars or other objects and turn them into solar powered lanterns. Lauren originally suggested the concept of using mason jars, but we decided to put this in kit form and with mounting holes so that anything can be used as a solar powered night light.

Some interesting features of this kit is:

THS Kamogawa Project Visit #1

Here's a little photo essay to accompany Akiba's short summary below of our trip to Kamogawa last weekend. Click on the slide show to access the album along with geotagged google map view of the Kamogawa Valley. More photo's and video to follow. Thanks for a great time everyone!
Paul aka sonicviz aka Komuso Tokugawa

Trip Summary from Akiba aka Freaklabs:

Thanks to everyone that participated in the Kamogawa trip! The trip itself
was amazing and I got the chance to see a completely different side of
Japan. Everyone we met was so nice, helpful, and curious about the strange
otaku group that was interested in the process of rice farming and charcoal

A big thanks also to Chris Harrington who organized everything for us. He
took us around the whole area, introduced us to many people in the
community, and gave us the chance to see what I believe is the real Japan.

Tuesday (7:30 PM)
Open House Meeting
水曜日 (7:30 PM)
日本語 Meeting

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