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02/06 - Window Farming 101

02/06/2011 14:00
02/06/2011 17:00
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Window Farming is an easy hydroponics method in which you can grow herbs, lettuce and even small fruits indoors, year round!

The system uses up-cycled PET bottles, a few parts from the aquarium supply shop, an electric timer, and sports ball needle.

This is a closed loop system, meaning that water from a storage tank gets circulated up to the top of a tower. It then trickles down through each pot, finally arriving back in the tank. There is very little water loss in this sort of system.

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First GreenHackers meeting

Sorry I don't have any photos. I was not in charge of the camera.

Tokyo HackerSpace's first GreenHackers meeting was Saturday!

As it turns out, it was Ben, Dr.J and I. About half way through, one of Ben's class mates showed up.
She knows a lot about gardening and such. Hopefully she'll be back next month (and perhaps a Tuesday night or two before then?)

Originally we planned on discussing energy usage as well as planning for the future of the group.

But it all started with what was intended to be a one hour back garden work party.

Tokyo Hackerspace Window Farming Class

MRE just finished teaching his window farming class at the space and it went extremely well. Seven window farming towers got put up. More details from MRE:

Thanks Akiba!
Right, so we had several people show up. More so than I was expecting! And the list of places from which they heard about the event was long.
At any rate, they(we) all came together for one reason: We've killed everything else we tried to grow!

that is the nice thing about a window farm - put it on a timer, fill the tank, and watch the magic grow.

Start your own Window Farm!

08/29/2010 14:00
08/29/2010 18:00
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Ever wanted to grow your own vegetables?
Did you figure it must be impossible in your cramped Tokyo apartment?

Tokyo HackerSpace begs to differ!!!

Step 1: Check out

Step 2: Start saving up medium and large sized SQUARE pet bottles, such as those from popular tea brands

Step 3: sign up and come to our class on the 29th!

Emery recently was bitten by the windowfarming bug! He will be on hand to guide you through the process of building your first tower and setting up your system.

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Tuesday (7:30 PM)
Open House Meeting
水曜日 (7:30 PM)
日本語 Meeting

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