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Full Name
Taylan Ayken
<p>Turkish (Native), English (very fluent), Japanese (Intermediate?)</p>
<p>Everthing that has an electronic circuit and some kind of mechanical actuator, mobile robots (UAVs, AUVs, UGVs ...), underwater technology, everything airborne (from paper planes to Saturn V rocket)</p>
Short Bio

Tayken was born in Ankara, Turkey then moved with his family to Istanbul when he was "yay" high. Son of a mechanical engineer, he was raised with Lego and Mechano kits and while he was still at 8th grade he learned soldering for his term project and never dropped the iron! He build robots while he was in high school, attended some competitions and so on. He decided to pursue his dream of merging his hobby and future profession by attending Sabanci University where he studied Mechatronics Engineering specializing in robotics and control. He was the head assistant of various project classes where he gave classes about basic electronics, microcontroller programming and practical mechanical stuff. He also designed some circuits and modules that were used by students in their courses or projects. His graduation project was of course about a mobile robot, a UAV with tilt-wing mechanism. He designed, etched and programmed circuits; wrote simulation programs; did some mechanical tests etc. on its baby. He is now in Tokyo, Japan; after earning his M.Eng. degree, he is trying to earn his D.Eng. degree from Tokyo Tech where he is working on distributed optimization.


Hacker Skills
Soldering, embedded C programming, Eagle, PCB prototyping (toner transfer method), mechanics, cooking, C++
I want to learn
Welding, web software
My Tool Box
PIC24F prototype board, PIC32 Ethernet Starter kit, Suboard2, Bus Pirate, Open Logic Sniffer, Zigbee Bluetooth & GPS modules




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7 years 4 weeks
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