Moving Fund

Moving Short-fall

The big push is here. If you want THS to continue, we need help to make that happen. Our move to the new place is going to sap all our resources. We need to pay half a month rent on the old place, as well as first month rent on the new place... and we have to do so UP FRONT, buy the end of JUNE!!! We need about 260000 yen. We have about 20 members. So, I know its tough (especially after paying membership, and the June shortfall. Those and the moving short-fall combined totals just over 20000 yen per member.) But we DESPERATELY need this money. Do what you can.


THS Moving Fund Contribution

THS needs to make a move. Help us out.
THS needs to make a move. Help us out.

THS will need to move house in July!


We need to save up about 500,000 yen (thats a bit over 5 grand, USD).

Why so expensive?

Typically in Japan, you need to pay equivilant to 3 months rent in deposits, guarantor fees, leasing agent fees etc. In addition, we need a bit of cash to pay for trucks, gas, and starting utilities.

If you would like to help us out, you can make contributions in 500 yen increments. Its a bit under 5 dollars. Just add as many to the cart as you like!

Pay by paypal using your account, or with credit card.