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Meeting notes 2009-11-10

Meeting notes 2009-11-10

= Make =

Akiba needs help making boards (Sunday)
50 kits planned for Make
Banner (Miwaza may be able to help with jp translation)
"Toys" kits (not for profit)
Custom "wine" box
craft section
need stencils
BrainMachine (parts)
THS sticker

= Yokohama barcamp =
mostly organized (up to 120 ppl can attend)
Education competition (via Dave,
promo tweetout

= House Keeping =

Late payment
People leaving
Workshops bring money
Long term projects (Jan, March) -> Forum
Dec 12: Bonenkai / OpenHouse
Tables rental

Meeting Notes 3rd November

1. Please name anything you're lending or don't want others to use (including food)

2. Membership dues were due
There are also 2 desks upstairs to rent.
It's 30,000 yen for a month which includes everything except phone. Please spread the word. Official write up on the web.

3. Lights are being left on - especially hallway light. Please check when you leave.

4. For workshop planning, please use report sheet posted online.

5. Writers Club are interested in holding their monthly event here. Yay!

6. Terrie Worskhop suggestion
5 workshop series for DIY video

Meeting Notes Oct 27th

Meeting notes 27th Oct

* doors - please double check they're shut and locked
* check bathroom light is off
* need rent together by end of week. Please remind ppl - posting on website
* better system for house cleaning. trash can namagome - put into 2 bags,
- rinse out bottles / can
- double bags for rubbish that leak /
- put bags in shower (don't keep out)

Phil putting together checklist of cleaning and making little signs for exits (reminders) / fridge etc

New Furniture:
- bookshelf
- tree
- desk

Admin Meeting Notes Oct 13th

Admin Notes from Tuesday's meeting.

1. Upcoming Events

Oct 17th
Run for the Cure, Dance for the Cure event this weekend.

October 18th
BBQ from 1pm
1000 yen for everyone plus a snack or veggies or bevie to share. There will be extra special beer on BBQ too for purchase.
Ideally have a projector to run some movies on Hackerspaces.
Planning to take pics of members, and others to fill hallway.

The more the merrier so anyone welcome to drop by to chat to people and find out what it's all about.

19th October

Meeting Notes 0915

Just brief meeting notes from tonight's meeting.
Please add/correct if you find anything, thanks!

Meeting Notes 0908

Here are the rest of the notes from last night's meeting.
Once again, please add / update as you remember it :)

Show n Tell
Akiba's THS stencil design and boards
MRE designed his own circuit board for use in the Electronics 101
Dave's 'Prison Hooch' homebrew made from grapes and water. Come in a month to try it!

Other new thoughts ideas...
Paul wants to run an introduction to realtime audio visual controllers using alternative interfaces (see further down in events too)

Simon wants to look at setting up at TOR server (see below for more info)

Meeting Notes 0901

Here are the notes from 1st September. Apologies in advance any misspellings or misrepresentations.
Please feel free to add or correct.


Introductions, interests and what people want to do in the space including

  • sustainability and natural methods of aircon
  • virtual and augmented reality
  • technology art projects
  • sewing esp. teddies with evil flashing eyes
  • methods of learning and teaching
  • basics of microprocessors
  • programming and micro controller hacks



Tuesday (7:30 PM)
Open House Meeting
水曜日 (7:30 PM)
日本語 Meeting

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